My name is Gizachew Tiruneh. I was born in Ethiopia, but I am now a United States citizen. I am very proud to have an Ethiopian heritage. Ethiopia is a country that has had a rich history. It is one of the two African countries, besides Liberia, that was never colonized by former European colonial powers. When the Italian invaders attempted to control Ethiopia, between 1936 and 1941 (to avenge their defeat by the army of Emperor Menelik II in 1896), Ethiopians fought them furiously. My father, Tiruneh Sahilu, was one of the the warriors who fought the Italian invaders. He was a respected associate of the Ethiopian patriot, Belay Zeleke

Ethiopians have been notorious warriors, who have kept their country free of colonizers and invaders. I am also proud to be an American citizen. This is a country of infinite opportunities and dreams. With hard work and right choices, one can fulfill his or her dreams in America. We may disagree with our political leaders and their specific policies but it is really hard to disagree with the American ideals. The American ideals of individual freedom and democracy are, I believe, likely to be desired and shared by all societies around the world.


Of the things I have tried so far, nothing has stuck as playing golf. I score in the high eighties but intend to lower my handicap significantly in the coming few years.

I also love walking.  I could walk miles if I have the time to do so.

Moreover,  I love to play my Kirar, a guitar-like  Ethiopian musical instrument.

Another thing I love is astronomy.  I am fascinated by the nature and characteristics of our universe.  I am fascinated by the fact that we do live in a tiny planet that is constantly moving in the grand ocean of the cosmos.

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