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  • Professional Golf

  • 01.May
  • Age and Winning Golf Tournaments
  • Most professional golfers and analysts think that winning in the PGA Tour peaks when golfers are in their thirties. Using available statistical data, this study finds that the ages at which the PGA, European, Champions, and LPGA golfers peak their wins are 35, 30, 52, and 25 respectively.

  • Astronomy

  • 09.Jun
  • Planetary-Rotation Periods
  • This paper uses an inductive method to investigate the factors responsible for variations in planetary-rotation periods. I found that velocity, acceleration, and radius are the most important variables in explaining rotation periods.

  • Body Mass Index

  • 19.Jun
  • Physical Activity & BMI
  • This study finds that the inverse logarithmic model is more accurate in describing the relationship between physical activity and body mass index than is the inverse linear model. This study also finds that the inverse logistic model is best suited in describing the relationship between the two variables.


My name is Gizachew Tiruneh. I was born in Ethiopia but I am now a United States citizen. I am very proud to have an Ethiopian heritage. Ethiopia is a country that has had a rich history. It is one of the two African countries, besides Liberia, that was never colonized by former European colonial powers. When Italian invaders attempted to control Ethiopia, between 1936 and 1941 (to avenge their defeat by the army of Emperor Menelik II in 1896), Ethiopians fought them furiously. My father, Tiruneh Sahilu, was one of the the warriors who fought the Italian invaders. He was a respected associate of the Ethiopian patriot, Belay Zeleke. Ethiopians have been notorious warriors, who have kept their country free of colonizers and invaders.

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Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world. It has a rich history and culture, which goes back to the times of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba. Its kings and emperors claimed to have descended from the line of the Solomonic Dynasty, first held by Menelik I, the son of King Solomon and Sheba. The last emperor of Ethiopia was Haile Selassie I, who was deposed in the 1974 revolution.

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The Rise and Fall of the Solomonic Dynasty of Ethiopia: Is the Kebra Nagast a Time-Bound Document?

My book, The Rise and Fall of the Solomonic Dynasty of Ethiopia: Is the Kebra Nagast a Time-Bound Document?, has been published. You can purchase it from Tsehai Publishers (www.store.tsehaipublishers.com) for $24.95.

On the Run in the Blue Nile

My memoir, On the Run in the Blue Nile, has been published. You can purchase it from CreateSpace.com or Amazon.com for $14.95.


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ነፍስ አድን ሩጫ በዓባይ ሸለቆ

My memoir, ነፍስ አድን ሩጫ በዓባይ ሸለቆ (Nefis Adin Rucha BeAbay Sheleko), has been published. You can purchase it from CreateSpace.com or Amazon.com for $14.95.


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My Book on Democracy

My book, When is Democracy Normal? The Relation to Demography, Market Economy, and Globalization, was published by the Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston, New York, in 2008. My publisher's web site is:


I have provided a summary of my book below.

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Measuring Democracy

There are some limitations in the indices of democracy currently available (see my book on democracy on this). However, the Freedom House and Polity IV measures can be used to approximate the democracy scores of countries around the world. Checkout the links I have provided below to see countries' democracy scores [For Freedom House data, got to Freedom in the World; for Polity IV, go to Polity IV and Polity IV Country Reports]:



Given that economic development is a key factor in influencing democracy and given that corruption is related to low levels of development and democracy, I have provided below some links that measure countries' levels of economic development and corruption. These are Transparency International, the United Nations Development Program (Human Development Index), and the World Bank:





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